Four golden sleeping rules to make you sleep well

Four golden sleeping rules to make you sleep well

Staying up late and not sleeping well, in addition to being listless, are also the accomplices of aging and dull skin.

New research indicates that sleep not only eliminates fatigue, but also delays the formation of sagging wrinkles, allowing skin to fully absorb skincare products.

Therefore, grasping the night time and sleeping well can be said to be the most economical youthful recipe.

If you want to sleep well and the night is as beautiful as the day, you must master the following key points: 1.

Prime Time-Complete Repairing Function from 10pm to 2am, it is the most active cell metabolism, and it is also an important repair process of the body function. The schedule is normal, the skin regeneration ability is good, and the use of high-concentration active ingredients will have a bonus effect.On the other hand, staying up late and tired, even if you rub the skin on the skin no matter how expensive and expensive the skin care products, the absorption effect is not good.

  Both Chinese and Western medicine recommend that you go to bed as early as possible at 11 o’clock and get up at around 7 o’clock in the morning, so that the skin care products can fully moisturize the skin during these 8 hours, and naturally glow after getting up.


Golden sleeping position-Preventing wrinkles is more beautiful than sleeping on your back.

Because when you sleep on your side, your chin will squeeze your neck and cause lines. After years, when the skin’s ability to recover is reduced, permanent wrinkles will easily occur.

  Lying flat also helps to counteract the effects of day gravity.

According to a Japanese study of 38 women, the gravitational pull of the skin continues to sag slightly, so there will be more wrinkles in the afternoon than in the morning, and it is a good time to slow down the deterioration while sleeping.


Golden Care-Absolutely absorbs no sunlight, air pollution, interference from cosmetics, sleep is an important time for skin recuperation, skin cells renew faster at night than during the day, and skin pores will expand during the day and sleep, metabolizing lactic acid, Semi-solidified grease and other old waste materials, so get up in the morning and wash your face.

  At least, day care products can provide defensive functions, such as anti-UV, anti-oxidation, night care products are more moisturizing, nutritious active ingredients.

  Products that are usually labeled for daily use are mostly sunscreen and are not suitable for nighttime use.

If it is a skincare product that can be used in the morning and evening, it means that the sunscreen is excluded. It is best to wait for it during the day. After the skincare product is absorbed, wipe the sunscreen and apply makeup.

  There is no certain maintenance ingredient that must be used while asleep to be effective, but some active ingredients A acid, under strong light irritation will become stronger, causing light sensitivity, it is recommended to wipe at night when the concentration is high.

Other antioxidants such as vitamin C, CoQ10, and vitamin A are more likely to change color and lose activity in sunlight and air to increase the antioxidant effect. It is better to use before bedtime and should be used up as soon as possible.

  It is best to apply lotion or cream and essence directly to the skin care products immediately after cleansing and when the skin surface accumulation is high, to maximize the moisturizing effect.

The thickness is to make the skin breathable. Generally speaking, the amount of one red bean on the face is enough.

If it is rubbed too thick before bedtime, the skin’s absorption of maintenance ingredients is limited, but it will affect the metabolism of pores. Unless it is very cold and the sebum secretion is insufficient, increase the dosage.

  For skin that has acne, rashes, and rough surfaces, you should not wipe anything after washing your face. Use sleep time to let the skin rest completely and replace the dirt on the pores to metabolize, reduce the burden on the skin, and restore health.-5 days, when skin condition improves, return to the routine maintenance routine.


Gold Standard-Ensuring Sleep Quality In order to ensure sleep quality and not increase tiredness, you can refer to the tips provided by the Sleep Disorders Treatment Center of St. Lucas-Roosevelt Hospital in New York: exercise every day.

Even walking for 20 minutes can help release stress hormones and prevent disturbing sleep.

  Avoid large meals before bedtime nearby.

The active digestive system expects unstable sleep.

  Reduce the room noise, light and temperature to make the room cool and comfortable.

  Don’t read books, watch TV or work in bed, leave the bed only for sleeping.

It also helps prevent sleep disorders.

  Do not consume caffeine, nicotine or other irritating substances 4 hours before bedtime.