Reminder: There is a cup of duck pear juice in the chest

Reminder: There is a cup of duck pear juice in the chest

The warm wind in spring can easily make your lungs uncomfortable, and some people may have dry coughs, stuffy noses, etc. Sometimes, people may feel that there is a fire in their chests, and they may feel dry or even upset when they drink water continuously.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are very delicate, and the temperature is suddenly cold and hot in the spring, which is particularly prone to make the lungs uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended to drink avocado juice frequently in the troubled spring of the lungs to protect the lungs.

  Yali and pupa both have heat-clearing and lung-moistening effects. When the two are combined together, they can double.

In addition, Yali Pomegranate Juice is a drink that quenches thirst and soothes throat.

  The method of Yali Juice is to take the washed and peeled fresh loquat and the washed Yali (peeled and pitted), squeeze the pear juice with a juicer, and then add the appropriate amount of sugar or honey to tastematerial.
  Of course, it is recommended that you try honey instead of sugar, because sugar is easy to produce sputum, and honey can not only increase sweetness, but also cough and moisten the lungs, and eliminate the magical effects of lung fire.