Drink vinegar before bed to promote sleep

Drink vinegar before bed to promote sleep

Insomnia is the most common alternative to sleep disorders.

Insomnia refers to difficulty falling asleep, waking up early and early in the middle of sleep, low sleep quality, significantly reduced sleep time, and severe patients who are still up at night.

  Mortgages, promotions, exams . Many people get nervous when they encounter important things.

In fact, if you can improve the use of vinegar at home, it will be all right to resolve these tensions.

  ”Long-term stress will always lead to tension fatigue, which in turn leads to tension sleep disorders.

“The deputy chief physician of the Department of Neurology at a hospital introduced that the occurrence of tension fatigue is mainly due to the physiological conditions of the human body in emergency situations, which will produce a large amount of lactic acid and even form accumulation. Once a large amount of lactic acid occurs, it willIt can cause nervous fatigue caused by stimulation of the brain nerves, and this fatigue can easily lead to sleep disorders.

And acetic acid can effectively inhibit the production of lactic acid, can also accelerate the oxidation of lactic acid, reduce its accumulation in the body, thereby eliminating or eliminating tension fatigue, making people easily fall asleep.

It can be seen that proper drinking of vinegar in patients with tension insomnia can improve sleep quality.

  In addition, Chinese medicine believes that sour and yin, that is, eating sweet and sour food can be converted into yin, thereby effectively promoting sleep.

Vinegar is just a sour substance. If you eat more vinegar in your body, you can stabilize your mood and improve the symptoms of insomnia.

  Of course, drinking vinegar to improve tension and insomnia is not to drink as much as possible, one spoon a day is best, it is best to use warm water instead of drinking it, because vinegar is rich in acetic acid. Drinking vinegar directly can damage teeth and decalcifyAnd don’t forget to rinse your mouth after drinking.

The type of vinegar should also use grains such as broken rice, bran, sorghum, corn and other materials as rice vinegar. Grain vinegar has higher nutritional value. It contains various amino acids, vitamins, minerals needed by the human body.Nutrients such as substances and carbohydrates.

  It should be noted that people with hypertensive gastric ulcers and hyperacidity in the body should not use this method as much as possible, because too much acid in the body will aggravate the condition.