Top 10 beauty saving methods that have swept the Internet


Top 10 beauty saving methods that have swept the Internet

It is recommended to all the beauty-saving MM10 recipes for saving money and beauty. We “not bad money”, just enjoy the happiness brought by good methods!

  Rough skin After doing facial cleansing every night before going to bed, mix the mixture with five parts of vinegar and one part of glycerin, apply it on the face and treat, you can sleep, or wash with water after half an hourThen apply the night cream to sleep. After about two weeks, the skin is obviously white and smooth.

  Face care and hand skin can be mixed with a small amount of vinegar in the cleansing solution and massaged on the face, then massage the palm of the back of the hand, and then wash with water to make the skin smooth and smooth.

  Improving skin pigmentation 250 grams of walnut kernels are dipped in 500 grams of vinegar, and the bottle mouth is sealed, which can be replaced after ten days. Drinking two tablespoons a day after meals can improve skin rough and dull Asian women’s skin pigmentation, which is cheapAnd helpful diet.

  Facial discoloration Soak 250 g of soybeans in 500 g of vinegar in the same way. It takes 15 days to seal the bottle cap. After that, take 10 to 15 vinegar soaked soybeans and chew them after breakfast.Facial pigmentation has the potential to reduce plasma and improve liver function.

  Party beautiful leg show This depends on baby oil to help!

If there is a party at night and you have to wear a knee-length skirt, then any body lotion is better than baby oil at this time, it can moisturize your skin and make your jade leg skin look smoother.

  No alternative eyelash curler on hand?

How do I fix my eyelashes?

Use a spoon!

Even plastic spoons are fine.

Connect the curvature of the spoon with the curvature of the eyelashes, and then apply mascara.

  Toners pamper the heels of both feet, but the details that are most easily overlooked by beauty.

May wish to use the power of hot water to soften the skin of the feet during the bath and rub off with a grindstone.

Then dry your feet, apply some moisturizing cream on the heel, and dipped in a cotton pad for 5 minutes.

  Exfoliant salt in the kitchen can exfoliate or something.

I picked up a little of the edible salt in my home, mixed it with a facial cleanser and massaged it gently. After washing my face, I found that the skin was shiny and moisturized.

So since then, I have been exfoliating with home salt.

  Tremella for fine lines. Eyes that are prone to fine lines can be tried. It is very useful. Use tremella and add a little water for about an hour. It is best to make a thick soup and apply it to the eyes.Keep it in the refrigerator for a long time and it will work well.

  Put potato chips on the eyes and scrape the potato skins, then wash them, cut into thick slices about 2 cm.

Lie on your back, lay potato chips on your eyes, wait about 5 minutes, and then wash with water.

Tips Apply at night, at least to help eliminate eye fatigue.

Large potatoes are preferred because the coverage is sticky.

He contains powder, which can make up for the lack of eyes.