Try to communicate in the workplace

Try to communicate in the workplace

Not long ago, a storm that happened to me taught me the embarrassment and helplessness of “curve communication”.

  A, curve communication has benefited me a lot. Xiaoqiu, market PR.

  I joined this company after graduation last year and worked in the marketing department.

My boss is a female manager, who is always easy-going.

She asked me to draft a tender and bid for the renovation of an office building.

After receiving the task, I was both excited and nervous, because this was the first time I made the bids alone, and a slight mistake would affect the success of the bidding.

Work overtime, day and night, I finally finished a week later.

Huai Ling came to the female supervisor’s office with more than 20 pages of tenders, and the manager read it briefly, then said: Put the tenders here first, and you go back first.

  How is the tender made?

Is she satisfied?

I don’t have any of these in my heart, but my heart is even more disturbed.

The next morning, there was still no response from the boss.

I know this has happened before. The tenders made by my colleagues were handed over to the boss without any information. The final result was rejected.

While I was thinking about it, an experienced male colleague who was also the oldest in our department came to the front: “Xiao Qiu, how is your bid?

May I help you see it?

“I quickly gave him my backed-up tender.

He used red pen to make amendments to the bids, and some data and materials were re-corrected.

It took us a whole afternoon to make the bid again.

When I placed the tender in the boss’s hand again, I noticed a slight smile on her face.

Later, our company was successful in bidding. At the celebration party, my superior praised me for the good bid and made great contributions.

  I was more grateful to the male colleague, and later I offered to invite him to dinner.

He told me during the dinner that the manager actually asked him to help me, and told me that some places needed to be corrected and improved.

The male colleague finally said: “Maybe the manager is afraid that telling you directly will hurt your enthusiasm, so he adopted this” curve communication “method.”

Only then did I realize that I was full of respect for the manager.

  Zhang Linna, a career consultant, commented on the communication between female supervisors and their subordinates, especially when criticizing or pointing out that their subordinates have made mistakes or deficiencies. It is best to adopt a curve communication method. Try to use euphemisms and try to calm the tone. It should not hurt the self-esteem of subordinates, but also promote them.Improvement and improvement of subordinate work.

The expressions can be flexible and diverse, and not necessarily face-to-face, you can also use positive guidance, some way to guide and remind subordinates in a correct and good way.

Of course, as a female subordinate, she needs more skills when communicating with her boss.

Especially when the boss makes obvious mistakes, never correct it in public or even bump against the boss. Use a method acceptable to the boss, such as individual interviews, E-MAIL, MSN, etc.

  B, curve communication tossing people?

  Qingqing, clerk.

  Not long ago, a storm that happened to me taught me the embarrassment and helplessness of “curve communication”.
  Our offices are all on the same scale. The original design of the office building was a bit irrational, and the rooms were too small, so we generally had two or three people in one office.

My office is on the shade, and I rarely see the sun all year round.

I always wanted to know how good it would be to change offices.

  The time has finally come.

Two weeks ago, a colleague resigned and left.

It happened that her office was on the sunny side, and no one was there, so I moved with the deputy director.
It started to feel so good. I can see the long-lost sunlight, I’m very excited.
But just packed, I haven’t been happy for a few days.

The vice president of the company came to the office with a new colleague. When he saw me moving to this office, he said to me, “How did you move here?

“I explained two sentences, and the vice president said nothing.

  I thought this was over and I didn’t think much about it.

Unexpectedly, two days later, I suddenly received a call from the deputy director: “Qing Qing, you can move back to the original office. The vice president asked me to tell you the location of that office for new colleagues.

“I was a little confused at the time. I didn’t want to move. I just felt that the leaders at that time could tell me directly.

Perhaps the vice president was embarrassed to ask me to move back directly before telling the deputy director.

  It should be noted that the deputy director and deputy general manager are women.

I think this so-called “curve communication” makes me embarrassed, depressed, and even a bit frustrating.

I still like “straight-line communication”. Anything to say is straightforward.

  Career consultant Zhang Linna commented fully to understand that the boss is a certain basic skill of the subordinate. When the boss likes to express her opinions euphemistically, he must pay attention to the outside voice and pay attention to the boss’s expression and expression, which all imply some kind ofsignificance.

Of course, this kind of comprehension is by no means a random guess, otherwise, the misunderstanding of the boss will be very passive at the same time.

Qingqing can consider reflecting with her colleagues to her boss, telling the actual situation objectively, and presenting ideas in a euphemistic tone. The boss will generally be considerate of the subordinates.

  C, OL said that curve communication is a natural advantage of women. Sometimes a look and an expression can play the role of communication.

Once, because of a moment of negligence, I mistaken a number on the report. The manager called me to his office and was about to criticize me.

Immediately, I showed a very innocent appearance, pitiful, full of remorse, and my head bowed very low, anyway, I wanted to make him feel kind and fragrant.

As a result, he just said “pay more attention later” and never criticized me.

——Lisa (Accounting) I am firmly opposed to the so-called curve communication. Now that the workplace is under so much pressure and the pace is so fast, who has the time to listen to your insinuation.

Especially in the context of business negotiations, both parties want to go straight to the topic and be concise.

Don’t forget, for a businessman, time is money.

  -Ms. Xu (purchasing manager), whether it is curve communication or straight line communication, is essentially communication, but the communication skills and methods are different. The key is to use it properly. It depends on the circumstances and cannot be generalized.

If you use it well, it will help you get better interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Otherwise, improper use will affect your relationship with your boss and colleagues.

  -Ms. Zhang (Human Resources Management)