What can I do if I have a bad mood?

What can I do if I have a bad mood?

The emotions referred to in Chinese medicine, including the seven emotions (hi, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear, shock) and the five minds (hi, anger, worry, thought, fear), are the normal emotional reflection of people on external objective things.

Chinese medicine believes that bad mood will hurt the organs and consciousness, and thus induce disease.

So, what kind of illness can be caused by bad mood, and how should it be prevented?

  According to experts, emotion is a normal phenomenon in people’s life activities and under normal circumstances will not cause people to get sick.

But emotional stimuli that exceed the normal regulation range, and lead to dysfunction of viscera, qi and blood, and disease.

  Chinese medicine believes that bad mood can hurt the organs and the mind and cause illness.

What kind of disease will you get due to bad mood? There are the following aspects: 1. Excessive joy, ecstasy, can hurt the heart, make people mentally abnormal, confused thinking, and easily induce hypertension, cardiovascular and other diseases; 2. Anger3. Sorrow or excessive sorrow will hurt the lungs, causing loss of lung loss, dysmenorrhea, causing chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough, and other complications; 4. Excessive thinking, 5. Fear and panic will hurt the kidneys, and excessive fear and panic will cause kidney damage., Causing people to appear paralysis, incontinence, trembling, and other symptoms, even severe cases will be shocked to death.

   Experts remind that, considering that bad emotions can cause diseases, we must learn to control our emotions in our daily lives, and try to avoid bad emotional stimuli such as great joy and sadness.

If the symptoms of the disease are caused by a bad mood, consult a professional doctor as soon as possible and perform appropriate treatment under the guidance of the doctor.