Facial massage: lifting binaural kidneys to protect hearing

Facial massage: lifting binaural kidneys to protect hearing

Introduction: As people reach old age, the yang is weakened, especially the head. Since the most contact with the external environment, a large number of diseases occur from the “head”.

Therefore, the elderly should pay special attention to maintaining the health of the head.

  Hair is “hairy, and bloody.”

Frequent combing is good for promoting blood circulation in the head and increasing hair nutrition.

Usually eat more foods containing iron.

In addition, the sebum secretion of the elderly is relatively reduced. Do not wash your hair too often, otherwise your hair will lose its moisture and dryness, desquamation and itching.

Usually wash 1 a week?
2 times is enough, and should not be too alkaline soap.

  Frequent rubbing of the face with both hands can promote blood circulation and increase the body’s resistance.

It is best to wipe your face with your hands once in the morning, at night and at night, so that persistence can reduce facial wrinkles and prevent colds.

  The nose is massaged with the thumbs of both hands every day, about 50 times twice a day, perseverance can prevent colds.

Even if a cold occurs, it is milder in the narrow.

  In order to maintain the vitality of the eyes, the ancients have long used “eyes and good luck” as one of the health prerequisites, but it is not enough to “close their eyes and raise their souls”. They should insist on conscious vision training.

The “easiest way” of “good luck” is to turn the eyeball to the left and right, turn it up and down, and insist on blinking, which can delay vision loss.

In essence, you can blink at the corner of the window within 4 meters and repeat it multiple times; on the wooden board, you can stare into the distance and observe a certain scene.

  Ear ears have long recognized ear power.

Use your left hand to go around the top of your head every day, hold the right ear and lift it 14 times, then use your right hand to lift the left ear 14 times in the same way, once in the morning and evening.

Fully align the ears, twist the head 35 times to dispel the wind to dispel evil spirits; then press the middle finger with the second finger, and then hit the back of the head with the left and right, 24 times each, to remove the head.

When you are sitting idle, you can massage the ear wheels by hand, and use your index finger and thumb to stick to the inner and outer layers of the auricle, and knead them relatively. Over time, it can replenish kidney qi, maintain hearing, and increase antifreeze ability.

  Oral elderly people have weak digestion and should protect their teeth, brushing their teeth every morning and evening.

In addition, the upper and lower teeth are used about 15 times a day. There are also traditional methods such as tongue licking and swallowing fluid, which can also be used appropriately, which can enhance digestive function and even delay aging.