Soft chair can’t afford sitting is prone to hemorrhoids

Soft chair “can’t afford sitting” is prone to hemorrhoids

Soft chairs “can’t afford sitting” are prone to hemorrhoids. In daily life, many people like to sit on soft chairs instead of sitting on hard benches because sitting on soft chairs is very comfortable and enjoyable.
Anorectal experts point out that sedentary soft chairs are prone to hemorrhoids.
Patient: Mr. Xue, a 27-year-old man with a soft chair, did anime design at an internet company. He found bloody stools a year ago and thought it was hot when eating hot pot.
But recently, he didn’t feel much right. He used to only get blood or drip from toilet paper, but now he has a phenomenon of blood spray in the stool. His blood volume is so scary, and his anal pain and dizziness make him very upset.But I was embarrassed to ask others, so I quietly went online to find the answer, guessing that I might have hemorrhoids.
Yesterday morning, Mr. Xue came to the hospital and was confirmed by a doctor’s examination. He really developed hemorrhoids, which were internal hemorrhoids.
What confuses Mr. Xue is that he has always been in good health. How can he get hemorrhoids?
In the communication with the doctor, he suddenly realized that his armchair was actually the culprit.
Mr. Xue said that the company has equipped each employee with a soft and comfortable chair, but it has hidden health risks.
He goes to work from day to night every day, whether it is during work or during breaks.
Experts: Why sitting on a soft chair often suffers from hemorrhoids Anorectal experts say that the problem lies in “can’t afford sitting”.
This is because maintaining a seated position for a long time, especially when sitting on a soft seat, the blood flow in the abdomen will slow down, venous blood in the lower limbs cannot return, and blood circulation is impeded.
In this case, the varicose veins of the rectum are prone to varicose veins, leading to blood stasis and eventually forming a venous mass, which is hemorrhoids.
At the same time, sitting for a long period of time will make the anus lack of activity, reduce the elasticity of the anus muscles, weaken the contraction force, and lower the rectal mucosa.
Experts also pointed out that the current office workers usually have long working hours, high pressure, irregular diet, and heal hemorrhoids are not treated in time. Therefore, bleeding from the beginning to dripping blood, and finally spraying blood will not only aggravate the hemorrhoid itself, but alsoCause complications such as anemia.
In some patients, internal hemorrhoids are not treated in time, which makes the internal hemorrhoids gradually increase and aggravate.
At the beginning, it can reset itself. After a long time, it needs to be pushed back to help return. Coughing and walking may come out of the anus.
If edema occurs, and the anal sphincter is stimulated by prolapsed hemorrhoids to cause spasm, the prolapsed internal hemorrhoids are embedded outside the anus and cause infection and necrosis, resulting in severe pain, which will bring greater pain and inconvenience to the patient.
Recommendation: sit on a hard bench Anti-hemorrhoid experts recommend that you should sit on a hard bench or chair to prevent hemorrhoids.
This is because when a person sits on a hard seat, because the hip is supported by two sciatic joints, blood circulation is not hindered.
For office workers, remember not to sit still and stand up every 45 minutes or so.
In your spare time, you should strengthen exercise. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and some coarse grains in your diet and drink plenty of water.