Be a happy single

Be a happy single

Marriage is the farthest thing I feel.

Because my personality is extroverted and changeable, the wild ideas are often shocking and scratching my head, and just six months after graduating, it is precisely when the “spending” youth and planning for the future, coupled with the work of a public relations company isUnpredictable busyness . all kinds of unstable factors make it difficult for me to think of a life of two people who will live a stable and comfortable two-person world.

  Because the company is far away from home and often works overtime late, I rent a house alone, and I have no boyfriend around, so I am a “single family”.

After working for less than a year, I spent almost all of my savings in decorating my room. Many furniture items were carefully selected from “IKEA”.

Watching the cottage become more and more warm and comfortable, I am really proud of myself.

My view of consumption is: work is hard enough, should be better for yourself, why not spend more money?

(Fortunately, I’m single, otherwise big-handed people like me would have been hampered by my boyfriend, husband, etc.

) Living alone is not alone, the key is to adjust your own mentality.

Maybe it’s because I work for a public relations company. I deal with countless people every day. Reporters, clients, event organizers, venue coordinators, colleagues in the Hong Kong office-all the words and enthusiasm and excitement left to the officeAfter work, it will be as quiet and lazy as changing people.

On the large linen sofa, listening to a CD you just ordered online or watching a wonderful DVD movie, the unparalleled sound effects immediately wiped out the fatigue of a day’s work.

Of course, the bowls do not need to be washed, because there are often various “dining situations” and they are too lazy to cook by themselves. The pots and pans in the kitchen have been left out for a long time.

(Fortunately, she is single, otherwise her husband and mother-in-law would have been called lazy.

) Interested, make DIY (Doityourselr) a ham and egg sandwich, and then mix a salad, healthy and convenient.

  Occasionally I would like someone to accompany, so I would ask two or three friends to sit down at home, or go out for a cup of milk tea, leisurely and leisurely, and there would be no scolding when drinking and drinking late at night.

I wanted to have a cat in order to pass the boring time, think about the possibility of going out for a month on a business trip, and eating at home all the time without a meal. If the cat is really bitter, just let it go.

Alas, it is better to raise yourself first.

(At this time, I realized the benefits of having a husband-you can help me keep a cat at home, haha!

) Weekend is the most comfortable time to do a house cleaning; go to the club to swim; buy a lot of inexplicable snacks from the supermarket to fill up the refrigerator; go to the beauty salon for skin care (note: this is not a luxury, part is work(Required) Or go shopping alone . As long as you don’t have to work overtime, you will be happy doing anything.

  Famous shopping is Miss Ben’s favorite.

But unlike others, I only love shopping alone.

This way you do n’t have to worry about what you like; others are n’t interested; you do n’t have to be forced to accept unreasonable suggestions from all directions;Live a life and feel guilty . Well, the benefits of being single are simply endless: free, responsible for yourself, right to choose, profligate, right to be arrogant and mad . more wonderfully, in daily work andContacting and interacting with different people may actually meet the person you have been waiting for. This kind of expectation of fate and the surprise when fate comes is only for the single family!