Points to pay attention to when swimming

Points to pay attention to when swimming

Swimming is a good aerobic exercise, and it is the first choice for many sporty women.

But do you know the difference in the parts of different swimming exercises?

And swimming should pay attention to some problems?

Let us answer for you!

  Swimming to train the body strength Many people have such a person when swimming: still do not swim, they feel sore and tired, tired.

In fact, this is a disaster caused by physical strength.

“Swimming is a systemic muscle coordination exercise and a very aerobic exercise that consumes a lot of energy.

  When swimming, you need arm, chest, chest, waist, chest, leg muscles at the same time, only the strength of these parts to keep up, swimming will be more comfortable.

Luo Xuejuan said.

Therefore, if you want to swim fast and steady, you should strengthen your exercise in these areas.

  There are many ways to exercise your arms, waist and legs, and here are some easy-to-learn actions.

  Arm strength: Push-ups are a good way to exercise, insisting on 20-30 per day; lifting dumbbells is also desirable.

If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can put sand in the finished bottle, each bottle weighing between 3-5 pounds.

Waist strength: Sit-ups are the most effective way to exercise.

  Strength: lunge, leapfrog, and vertical jump are good methods.

  Different strokes to exercise breaststroke – leg strength in different parts.

In freestyle, the thighs of the backstroke are all whipped up and down. Only the breaststroke is a squat, the former can make the legs more slender, and the other uses the thigh quads, so it is effective for strengthening the leg strength.

  Butterfly stroke – black hair power.

During the butterfly stroke, the arm is drawn inward, similar to the chest expansion exercise, the chest pectoralis muscle, the dorsal extension muscle, the rectus abdominis force to reverse, the exercise effect is also the best.

  Freestyle – arm strength.

During freestyle, the biceps of the upper arm and the triceps are relaxed, which can effectively exercise the muscles of the arms, and at the same time, it also has a certain driving effect on the improvement of the strength of the shoulder muscles.

  Backstroke – back end strength.

During backstroke, the back muscles overlap and force the back muscles to stretch.

In addition, you need to lift your hips during backstroke, which is also an exercise for the front.

  Therefore, you can also choose your favorite swimming style, focus on strengthening the strength training of a certain part of the body, and also improve the swimming speed.

  We recommend several exercise methods for you: 1 leg muscle stretching.

In a sitting position, the soles of the feet are close to each other, extend and extend close to the ground, and both hands grasp the feet to step on, keep this position, count to 10, relax the body, and then repeat 3 times.

  2 shoulder muscle stretching.

One arm is straight up first, then the forearm bends back to the back of the head, the body relaxes, and the elbow is grasped from the back of the head with the opposite hand, and slowly pulled to the opposite side for 15 seconds.