The benefits of love on campus

The benefits of love on campus

◇ Save money without spending more money than your class activities.

They spend the least amount of time adjusting, a bag of seeds and a glass of cola can patrol the road several times logically.

  ◇ Fine and not be distressed to lag behind.

Especially the thirst for money has made them develop a hard working style, because they always suffer from the tragic situation of being shy in asking for roommates.

  ◇ Be considerate and not disturb the dormitory administrator often at midnight.

They practiced the climbing techniques and the osteoporosis method of entering the room through the wall, rarely going back to the dormitory and studying on their own to make the crowded living space spacious.

  ◇ Be diligent and not too painful to choose which of the dirty clothes can be worn.

They like washing, washing their hair, and talking about beauty.

Especially boys, bike drivers who are willing to be suitable for girls are happy.

  ◇ Effective and not to pick the night fight for passing the four or six levels of English.

Their resource-sharing advantages are complementary, but at least half of her performance should be attributed to her who takes up the place every night.

  ◇ Confidence without inferiority in front of colleagues who are alone.

Especially when presiding over a nightly seminar, they can explain the theory and practice in a simple way, and admire the vassals.

  ◇ Enrich and not do boring things outside of class time, such as playing tractor landlords and games, or carrying a heavy schoolbag alone in the library, nor torture balls on the playground.

  ◇ Being free from all kinds of disturbances is painstaking.

They are strong proponents of liberalism and anarchy, and their opposition is especially similar.

In fact, they write the leave slips handy, and there are at least ten reasons for the teacher to let him go.

  ◇ Be healthy and not visit the hospital often because of participating in exercise.

They often use video halls, cinemas, and restaurants as battlefields to fight a long-term battle with their endurance and immunity.

Except that their eyesight has decreased and a few contents have improved, everything else is exempt.

  ◇ Tolerance is not red because of disagreement with her viewpoint.

They would rather please for a few seconds of joy, go all out and give up their views temporarily.

  ◇ Profound and not have a common topic with her.

They are always agile to capture the latest film, television, song and dance information, and are forced to abandon Ronaldo and Milosevic.

It is for “the east that lost, the mulberry that was collected.”