How to treat stool

How to treat stool

Under normal circumstances, how does food pass through the gastrointestinal tract, digestion, and urine to absorb and excrete the remaining residue? Generally, it takes 24?
48 hours, which is about every 1?
Defecation once every 2 days.

If for some reason, the feces stay in the interior for too long, and the water contained in the feces is excessively absorbed, it will cause the feces to dry, hard, and difficult to discharge.

Regular bowel movements are also disrupted, every 2?
Defecation occurs once every 3 days or even shorter. In severe cases, the stool is shaped like sheep feces or rabbit feces, and is spherical, which is called constipation.

  Improve constipation symptoms, how to treat constipation and prevent constipation, you should adjust your diet and develop good living habits: 1) keep going to the toilet on a regular basis 2) supplement with more fiber replacementsThe daily absorption of vegetables and fruits is greatly reduced, eating disorders, and no scientific and reasonable eating habits.

In order to get more fiber supplements, fiber-based health foods—KND barley green leaf juice can be supplemented appropriately.

Its 45% natural dietary fiber can expel toxins from the body in time, remove stools, and mix with constipation.

In addition, green juice is also rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and hundreds of active enzymes compared to other ordinary fiber supplements, which can transfer garbage in the body and prevent various adult diseases!