How to cook sweet potato leaves?

How to cook sweet potato leaves?

Method 1: Pick the fresh and tender leaf tips, boil them in hot water, and then use sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, mustard, ginger, and other spices to make appetizing cold dishes.

  Method two: Stir-fry like vegetables such as lettuce, waterweed, etc., with a sweet fragrance and unique flavor.

  Method 3: Stir fry sweet potato leaves with shredded pork.

  Method 4: You can also add sweet potato leaves for soup or porridge.

  Method 5: Wash and drain the sweet potato leaves, cut into thin pieces, add flour, cornmeal, and soybean flour, sprinkle on the cut sweet potato leaves and mix well, add salt, and mix well, then steam on the steamer with water for 10 minutesJust fine.

  After cooking, add seasonings, such as soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, pepper oil, etc., according to your personal taste.

  Method 6: Make stuffing, make dumplings, buns.

  So-called, inevitably, sweet potato leaves are regarded as “healthy foods” and are very popular in the international market.

  Hong Kong has popularly used sweet potato leaves to make famous banquet dishes, which are very popular with consumers. The price of sweet potato leaves per kilogram on the market is more than 100 kg, and they are often sold out.