Summer Baby Diet 4 Compass

Summer Baby Diet 4 Compass

Baby loss of appetite in summer 4 reasons 1.
When the temperature is too high, the baby is particularly prone to sweating, especially at high humidity and low wind speed, no matter how much the baby sweats, it can not effectively radiate the heat stored in the body, and then you will feel chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, appetiteDiminish.

  2.In the hot season, the baby’s perspiration is three times that at normal temperature.

A large amount of sweat is excreted, which causes the body to lose water, salt and vitamins, causing the imbalance of water and salt metabolism.

At the same time, the amount of chloride ions required for gastric acid is also reduced, which reduces the acidity of gastric juice and reduces digestion.

In addition, if you drink a lot of water after thirst, it will dilute the gastric juice and affect the baby’s digestive function.

  3.The high temperature in the first day causes the body to lose a large amount of water and the blood is concentrated; while the body dissipates heat, it must deliver more blood to the capillaries that are highly expanded due to the high temperature, so that the blood in the body is concentrated on the body surface.

In this way, the digestive tract will not be able to get plasma blood and become anemia, which will reduce the secretion of digestive juice and affect the digestive function.

  4.Hot days will significantly reduce digestive enzyme activity in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract, leading to reduced digestive function.

  Summer Baby Diet 4 Compass 1.
Eat more heat and damp food in the summer is hot, and the humidity is gradually growing, you should give your baby some heat and damp food.

  Bitter Gourd: It has the effect of relieving summer heat; Watermelon: It can relieve the heat and dampness; Black plum: It has the functions of detoxification, annoying, antidiarrhea, antitussive and so on; Tomato: It is rich in nutrition, and has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying and thirst;, Water, summer heat; mung beans: can clear heat and detoxify.

Give your baby plenty of warm boiled water. Infants and young children can drink 800 ml of water daily from milk and other foods, but in the summer they need to consume 1100-1500 ml of water to meet their needs.

Therefore, mommy should give the baby more warm boiled water, which can solve the dual effects of relieving heat and alleviating constipation.

  3.Let your baby eat cold drinks. Some moms like to give their baby drinks and cold drinks in the summer.

But eating too much cold drinks will dilute the gastric juice and stimulate the urethra, make the peristalsis hyperactive, change the residence time of food in the digestive tract, and affect the absorption of nutrients.

In addition, most beverages have high sugar content, and gradually the baby’s appetite decreases.

Therefore, mommy must control the baby to eat drinks and cold drinks, infants under 6 months should absolutely not eat cold drinks.

  4.Diet Due to the poor appetite of the baby, moms should try to change the variety when adding complementary foods to infants, such as pork liver tomato nutritional rice noodles, fish and vegetable nutritional rice noodles, chicken and vegetable rice noodles, etc. can be exchanged to eat.

Fight against children can eat more fish, shrimp, soy products, fresh vegetables.

The food should contain trace impurities and the taste should be light.

If you add some vinegar or garlic to the salad, it can both season and sterilize, and it can increase appetite.