Three Kung Fu Practices on a Man’s Bed

Three Kung Fu Practices on a Man’s Bed

Men want to have a smooth and handy “play” in the process of sexual behavior, and they should pay attention to the health and sports functions of the above-mentioned limbs on weekdays.

If you want to keep the movement of these parts smooth, it is best to do more targeted exercises to help these areas. Some of the following simple recruitment soft exercises to help promote the support of arms and lower back, usually in bed orAs soon as possible on the ground, men want to maintain “strength”, it is best to take time every night to do a few times (the number of times depends on each person’s physical fitness), in the future “bed activity” will not be overwhelmed.

  Prone stretch: Straighten your body to the ground, straighten your body forward, lie down, straighten forward, lift it slightly forward, straight forward and try to tilt your feet backwards, maintaining 10 to 15 for each shiftSeconds, then slowly relax.

  Cat posture fracture: As the name suggests, this set of action shapes is like a cat breaking; first, lean forward and forward, palms touch the ground, and then pull the body above the back to sit on the hips to touch the feet, knees, kneesOn the ground, press your feet forward, stretch your arms as much as possible, lengthen your head and back, and stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. Then slowly relax and repeat the entire movement.

  Elbow palm pressure: The posture is similar to ordinary palm pressure, the difference is that the top is on the ground.

Support the ground slightly beyond the radial head vertically, and then perform a palm press to bend and straighten.

Pay attention to keeping the waist slightly bent, each movement lasts for 10 seconds, and then do it again, but remember to do it according to your ability.