Dragon Fruit Righteousness Drops Three Highs

Dragon Fruit Righteousness Drops Three Highs

The dragon fruit is sweet and flat, and Cantonese who have always been valued as “cool and hot” think it is a “righteous” fruit.

It is said that Zhao Yongyi, a nutritionist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, said that pitaya is rich in anthocyanins (especially those in the skin or the pulp is red), which can fight aging, enhance immunity, and inhibit cellsThe role of degeneration to prevent various diseases.

In addition, pitaya is a low-sugar, low-energy, high-fiber fruit that has the effects of weight loss, lowering blood lipids and blood sugar, and blood pressure, and helps prevent constipation and bowel cancer. Its alternative plant albumin has detoxification and stomach protectioneffect.
The role of the mucosa.

Recommended food method: Dragon Fruit Sweet Potato Flavored Milk Drink Material: Dragon Fruit 100g, Sweet Potato 100g, Milk 250ml; Production Method: Sweet Potato Cut into Small Cubes, Steamed Over Water; Dragon Fruit Cut into cubes the same size as sweet potatoes,Fill the bowl with steamed sweet potatoes and drizzle with milk (for sweeters, use sweet milk).

  How to eat: If served with a poached egg and a moderate amount of snacks, it becomes a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

  Role: Regular eating can improve immunity and prevent constipation and bowel cancer.