How to moisturize the sun in summer?


How to moisturize the sun in summer?

In the hot summer, sun protection and moisturization are very important. The intense ultraviolet rays make MM’s skin face various disasters. Let MM become a “little brunette” with little attention. At this time, if you come to sun protection moisturizer to save your thirsty sunDark skin is absolutely perfect.

If you want to have fair and moisturized skin and gain his favor, then come to learn how to sunscreen and moisturize it!


  Skin darkening In summer, the skin is inexplicably darkening. Of course, most of the reason is due to ultraviolet radiation.

But is your skin really dark due to this?

Beauty experts summarize the following points for you: 1. Ultraviolet rays: UV rays can induce the skin’s reactive oxygen species and increase the amount of free radicals in the body. When free radicals damage the skin, it will accelerate the production of melanin melanin and the skin willGo black.

  2. Cosmetics: General cosmetics contain lead, mercury and other elements. These heavy metal components are combined with the skin epidermis, which will increase melanin in the long run.

  3. Metabolism: It is always said that women must sleep beauty sleep. In fact, beauty sleep will not only make the skin better, good rest will make the metabolism normal, beware that slowing down of the metabolism is likely to stimulate melanin formation.

  4. Drug: It is a drug that is poisonous. Do not consider the drug to be absolutely safe. According to investigations, taking drugs containing quinine will accelerate the formation of melanin, and tranquilizers will also cause the skin to form spots.

  Early sun protection: Surface work must be done well. The ultraviolet rays in the sun not only form melanin, but also make the skin rough and accelerate aging.

So whether you are black or not, for the sake of your skin, choose a sunscreen on the skin surface, which is more practical than replenishing it later.

  When choosing sunscreen, you can choose oil-control formula or products containing mint ingredients for oily skin. Moisturizing sunscreen in dry and neutral skin is more suitable for you, and choosing a physical sunscreen for sensitive skin is the most correct choice.